What do you do when finally you realize what death is? You have so much planned for the future, but never know what your fate is.
You finally realize how people would feel if you actually did it. But you’re so sad and buried ssooo deep into your problems you don’t give a shit. You don’t care what they would say, how they would feel. It’s all just a mess waiting to unpeel. You can’t dig yourself out, you feel it’s the only way. Cloud of judgement, jumbles of depression planted in your brain, you can’t get out. Its deeper than being able to just shout. You think maybe its a disease? Maybe it’s a dream? But it’s real life and it all hurts more than a feen.
You start to wonder who matters and who doesn’t. Put them in a list. But no one’s on the list.. It doesn’t make sense, you can’t comprehend, so oh, go along, it’s your mind after all. You follow along because you think it’s normal. You suppose everyone goes through this, it’s just a phase. It could be more horrible.
Cloud of judgement, memories erase, jumbles controlling your mind. You lost your chance to get out, there’s no more time. You worry, stress, fight, deny. But that does nothing but fills up more jumbles in your mind.
You start to think too much, you cry inside. The thought of it all is too intertwined. You stand up and try to chop the walls down, but here comes ANOTHER thing, and turns it all around. You search for ideas, look deep in the mug. But all you can think of, are new types of drugs. You resist as long as you can, but eventually flip open that illegal ban.
You mess it up more, JUMBLES GALORE..
Suddenly…you become empty. You get so confused, all of the jumbles have finally fused. You start to feel nothing, it all becomes numb. You want nothing, than to just be done.
So you plan, plot, think, think, and think. That’s all you ever do, it’s what it’s come down to. You’re so sad, you don’t have a clue. And that’s all it ever is, you’re just depressed, so lost in the mess.

-Cadee Carlisle

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